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Who we are. How we think.
Success begins with building a partnership. Sounds simple. But in practice, this means a commitment to living our partners' business. That’s what leads to the key insights that point to meaningful strategies. And to creative thinking that’s actually focused on a desired result, for a brand, campaign or project. Imagine that.

Vertically invested in your success.

At KellyCo, critical functions are performed inside our team, not delegated to outside specialists who typically never interact directly with clients. That keeps the focus on results. From media buyers to brand strategists, writers to film directors and editors; everyone is invested in the success of the work.

We love new ideas. But we know the value of brand continuity. It’s the difference between spending on your brand and investing in your brand. In the cluttered maze of today’s media, you win with strategies and tactics that build brand equity for the long haul. If you keep stopping to reinvent the wheel, you’ll never get there.
Creative is Not a Department
Good ideas can come from anyone at any time. So we encourage collaborative thinking, especially between our team and our counterparts.

Layers smother good ideas. So we avoid placing barriers between you and the talent actually doing the work. Eye contact does wonders for communication.

KellyCo creates and produces highly productive campaigns and projects. This begins by understanding the context in which the creative will be seen and heard. And recognizing that creative thinking is not defined by a title on a business card. (Or the coolness of your haircut.)
Common Sense Media Management
We are exceptional custodians of our clients’ media dollars. Today’s media is an endless buffet of  tempting choices. But if the spend doesn’t make sense, we’ll be the first to tell you.

There's no substitute for a deep understanding of cost efficiencies in all media types. Campaign implementation always combines a proper balance of reach and frequency with depth of impression, which ultimately leads to retention, action and the best use of your dollars.

This sensible media planning and buying demands time, experience and near pathological appreciation for detail.
Analysis: The Engine, Not The Caboose.
Data has become one of the most important drivers in media decisions. But a clear focus on the expected result comes first. It’s rather like detective work. Data analysis provides the clues to forming effective strategy.

At KellyCo, data analysis ranges from historical campaign intelligence to media consumption patterns. This combination allows us to develop recommendations that deliver targeted messages to our audiences based on when and how they want to be reached.

Or, as a great slueth named Holmes once observed, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

A moving picture is worth 10,000 words

“Stories are state-of-the-heart-technology. They connect us to others.”
-Dr. Ann Quinn
Video storytelling is the language of today. But all video is not created equal.

Every business and household has its own stories or narratives. These stories are shared as a means of entertainment, education, or expression of moral values. At KellyCo, we appreciate the value of storytelling and offer a subspecialty devoted to creating, producing and placing stories that are told with authenticity, believability and cinematic style. Telling, not selling.
That’s our story. Now we want to know yours.
Is there a better way to start a relationship?